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Secrets to Wealth Building with Business Credit

Business and Brand Intensive Strategy Session 

Our life-changing business strategy sessions are by application only. Due to the nature of these services, we need to determine if you’re eligible for the programs. As with any form of mentorship, the relationship works best when both parties are equally enthusiastic and invested.

Business and Brand Intensive VIP DAY 


$3,000 (4 hour min)

(Build a profitable business from the ground up)

A Great Option To Kickstart Your Journey. Suited for Those That Want Results Fast and Love To Take Action

Do you find yourself:


Creating amazing content, but it just doesn’t convert to money in the bank? Or are you at a loss on how to use social media to make or increase sales?


Eager to start a business but in need of some solid guidance?


At a point where you need a low-cost team but don’t know how to build or hire one?


In need of a website that you want to build yourself?

If any of the above applies to you, don’t worry, I got you! Here’s your chance to pick my brain. I have helped many of my students learn these skills. Even if they have zero knowledge about business, credit, social media, website building, or hiring a team and project management.

As a budding entrepreneur, you’ve probably scoured the internet to acquire some or all of the skills listed above. I’m here to tell you what other “gurus” won’t: You need a plan that takes your individuality into account.

Your fears and what keeps you up at night are unique to you! Other consultants fail to mention the countless days they wasted trying to solve these questions. Solutions that will kickstart your business idea the right way, or catapult your existing business to the next level.  

You need solutions relevant to your goals, dreams, and aspirations. This is where a professional business coach can fill this gap. But not just any coach. You need a coach that can hold your hand through the entire process and take you step-by-step through what it takes to create and maintain a flourishing business.

Imagine having your own personal secret weapon. A secret weapon you can rely on for business advice. Someone who has worked as a Senior Business Operations Analyst, owns multiple successful businesses, and is a trail-blazing woman of color in her own right.

Imagine picking that brain and effectively learning how to leverage business credit to make money by intention. So the question is: if you had full access to a successful, knowledgeable, no-nonsense business mogul, would you take it? If you seize this opportunity today, you’d be one step closer to a life-changing Business and Brand Intensive Strategy Session!

If you are ready to take action and grab the opportunity right before your eyes, you can have full access to me and all of the experiences I have to share.

Do something different, and get the results you deserve.

What can you expect to gain from this session:

How to start a profitable business from the ground up. What to expect when building a business and the timelines involved. How to build and leverage business credit

How to create content that brings in money. If you already create quality content, you’ll learn how to convert it into dollars.

How to outsource work and build a low-cost team. This will be a full-fledged team of professionals at an affordable rate!

How to create a professional website from scratch that converts clients. No coding needed!

Discover all of my step-by-step strategies that have assisted hundreds of clients in building successful businesses. Nothing about these strategies is secret or off-limits during the session.

Learn how to leverage social media to your advantage. Learn how to build a following and how to monetize it (even as a micro-influencer).

Here’s your chance to pick my brain. No question or business topic is too big or too simple. If you’ve got absolutely no idea where to start and have not done any research, you can still book a session. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn!

We'll start the process of fixing your personal credit and matching you with potential lenders


4-week Intensive Business Credit and Brand Group Coaching

Digital Product 4 Week.png


(Credit coaching and adding several streams of income)

For Those Interested in Building Long-Term Wealth Without Sacrificing Their Own Money!

Having an original idea or a fantastic business plan is a wonderful start. However, one major snag is if you get denied the credit you need to get things going. With this course, you will learn how to build business credibility to secure the funding that has eluded you so far.

Here’s a truth nugget for you: A credible business attracts funding! With this program, you’ll figure out how you can use just a few dollars to qualify for literally thousands of dollars….money that you can pump into your business in the shortest possible time frame.

One big mistake business owners make is funding everything from their own pockets. Instead, take advantage of business credit. With business credit, you have options to scale your business to heights you’ve never experienced before.

In as little as 90 days, I will teach you exactly how to build business credit, even if you have struggled to do so in the past! You will also learn exactly what it takes to build and maintain a healthy credit score. While this is important for credit applications, it’s also a great skill for your financial health.

In addition to building credit, you will learn the secrets of wealth generation. I’m sure you’ve heard that plenty of times before and may feel overwhelmed by all the options out there. I don’t blame you!

Sometimes all you need is for someone to narrow down the choices, and this is the course to do that for you.  For example, this program will teach you how to use Airbnb and short-term rentals to generate passive income without ever needing to own the property or using your own money! You will learn all the ins and outs of this strategy and many others!

What can you expect to gain from this 4-week program:


You will learn the best strategies to get your personal credit card applications approved. By the end of the course, you will know how to put your best foot forward and prove that you’re a worthy candidate for the credit you need.


You will learn how to maintain a 700+ credit score. Sometimes being responsible with credit requires some accountability. This course will provide that accountability in a safe, judgment-free space. A healthy credit score also helps you get credit approval easier, which is great for scaling your business in the future.


You will get access to business credibility audits to support your credit applications. These audits can also strengthen your businesses’ reputation as it brings potential issues to the surface.


You will receive credit application walkthroughs to ensure success. What may appear to be a straightforward process can often have many pitfalls. This course will prepare you for them so you don’t make the common mistakes that can get your credit application rejected.


You will get exclusive access to my proprietary 30K in 30 Days Sales Training. Making sales is a science with many proven methods. You will learn how to implement each tactic strategically so that you’re virtually guaranteed to make sales.

social media

You will learn to leverage your business on social media for predictable and stable growth. You will learn how to build a following and monetize it (even as a micro-influencer).


You will learn how to build additional streams of income and maximize profits with Airbnb, without having to invest in property or have any prior knowledge about the real estate market. We all dream of passive income. This course will empower you to make that dream a reality!

This course will help you and your business well into the future. That makes it a no-brainer, one-time investment with limitless returns. Don’t waste your time trying to piece together a business model. Get access to a life-changing, actionable 4-week course that leaves nothing out! Do it today. Take that next step into your destiny!

The Platinum Level Up 
3 month intensive

Digital Product.png


(Dedicated one-on-one mentorship with real-time support )

For the Boss Business Owner Shattering Glass Ceilings at Every Turn!

Are you someone that goes against the grain, especially when it comes to your career? Do you want to move past the 9-5 world and build an empire for yourself where you call all the shots?

I know just how precious your time is to you and how you need to invest it wisely to get to that upper level of success. If this sounds like you, you may be a prime candidate for the Platinum level-Up program!

As a business owner, you may be in a position where you’ve built a great foundation and already see a steady stream of sales. Profits are high, and an expansion is overdue, but the pressure to keep the winning streak going can be stressful. It can feel as if you are suffering from your own success.

Here’s the problem. As a business owner, you’ve probably planned for success but have not quite smashed past it yet. You may be wondering how exactly to take things to the next level. You don’t have to spin your wheels any longer.  

You need mentorship and accountability from someone with experience in taking that next step. Someone who can help you through the fear and mental blocks that come with breaking through barriers.

With the Platinum Level Up package, you will have access to your very own personal mentor. I will be in consistent contact with you, much like a dear friend invested in your victory. You’ll be able to contact me day or night if you have questions or are stuck for any reason. Now that’s not what you’ll find anywhere else! Not with all that this program has to offer!

I will share insider business strategies that have helped me and countless other participants. Together we will dissect your current business model and unearth your strengths and weaknesses.

This process has impacted previous clients, and to this day, so many of them reach out to me with gratitude.

This is long after the program has ended.

What you’ll get:

Weekly Zoom calls to address any topic related to your business. These calls are flexible and meant to fit around your busy lifestyle. Just pick a day and time that suits you.

The calls will be a mixture of knowledge sharing and Q&A, and you will always go away from them a more educated business owner. You will learn so many golden nuggets and get excited to implement them right away.

Ongoing support day or night. The channels of communication are always open. For example, If you fill out an application and need help, simply contact me.

Mentorship and accountability throughout this incredible journey. I will keep track of your progress and check in with you to see that you’ve committed to doing what you said you would.

Untitled design-6.png

Breaking through the mental barriers that limit your financial wealth can be rather uncomfortable at times. The good news: this program will equip you to leave your comfort zone and pursue bigger and brighter things!

That being said, we can tailor the pace to something that suits you until you feel ready to leave your constraints behind.

Enroll now if you’re ready to become my business breakthrough bestie!

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