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Design your business with the right strategies to qualify for business funding, grants, and more... so your business can scale faster to 6 & 7 figures.



You’re a successful woman in the corporate world and your paycheck has the zeros to show for it. I mean, most women can only dream of these paychecks, right? But something’s not right. Deep down, you know there’s more to life than these golden handcuffs of a 9-to-5 that you call a career.

You have visions of entrepreneurship dancing in your head and dreams of a business that aligns with your passion. One that grants you the freedom you've always craved while pulling in the bag. No more long and lonely hours. Slaving away on someone else’s dream.

Or maybe you’re not having those many zeros. You’re one of many being underpaid for your work. But, you know owning your own business can get you to that income bracket you deserve. Yet, you find yourself rooted in place, overwhelmed by the sheer complexity of starting your own venture.

You have visions of entrepreneurship dancing in your head and dreams of a business that aligns with your passion. One that grants you the freedom you've always craved while pulling in the bag. No more long and lonely hours. Slaving away on someone else’s dream.


Because you have a business idea that you know can get to 6-figures and beyond.


But life and work keep getting in the way of doing the research to even start your business. And where will you even get the funds to start much less grow?

If starting a business makes you feel like you wanna tear your hair out, there is ONE very easy solution you haven’t tried yet: one that gives you all the information you need to register your business, start operations, and begin that journey to 6-figure freedom.

It’s by getting the right tools and information from someone who has done it for herself. And still does it for her clients.

Raise your hand if starting a business has you thinking:

DEVIN (2).png

Legal nightmares if I don’t get it right

Limited to no funding to scale

I don’t want to use my personal savings for this

I don’t even have personal savings for this business

I don’t have time to start so I’ll just not even bother

Tax fiascos with the IRS might be a thing

And – gulp – making a mistake could cost methousands of dollars

Sis, the constant fear of making a mistake is holding you hostage to that paycheck

You can’t let the fear of a false start threaten to keep your dreams just that—dreams.

You just need a guide to navigate the intricacies of business planning,legal structures, and financial strategy.

A compass to show you the right path to freedom from your 9-5 and growing something you own.

So, you won’t be dreading missed opportunities, thinking that you’re stuck in the same place and facing closed doors.

Yes, this entrepreneurial life is not for the weak. But it could be so much more for you.


Knowing how to start and structure your business from the get-go means:


Freedom to clock your own hours, not someone else’s


Money to not only cover the bills but enjoy life as you want to


Not being underpaid for your skills


The start of generational wealth for your family


Leaving a legacy for family and the causes you care about


Loving what you do instead of having to only do it for the money

Knowing the right way to structure and start your business will help you earn
more money and scale your business faster. You deserve this!

Introducing This All New Course

Start-Up Secrets

Mastering Business
Structure and Strategy

The course designed for aspiring and not-so-new business owners who want to set their company up the right way from the start

step-by-step mockup.png

Because that business isn’t going to start itself sis!

You do have to put in some work. But let’s make sure that your work isn’t wasted. Whether you only have an idea, new to business, just ready to start, or started and failed …

Join me inside Start-Up Secrets Where I’ll Teach You In This Course

icons (1).png

What is and how to set up an LLC, and which state offers the highest benefits to support a new business

icons (1).png

The various processes to register your business so it’s eligible for credit and funding (there’s a reason I’m your biz credit biz bestie)

icons (1).png

How to complete your business name registration and LLC application

icons (1).png

How to structure your business to qualify for business funding instead of using your personal assets to start and grow your business

icons (1).png

Understanding low risk vs high-risk businesses and the implications of the business structure you choose

icons (1).png

Getting all your documents right to qualify for federal grants and projects, like your EIN, DUNS number, maintaining your profile

maintan profile.png
business process.png
icons (1).png

Business banking do’s and don’ts so you can access funding, pay yourself, and prepare for tax season

business banking.png
icons (1).png

Over-the-shoulder step-by-step tutorials and walkthroughs so you can see exactly what to do (and not do) when completing your essential business paperwork

step-by-step guide.png


Plus the early sign-up bonus Secure the contract mini-course

I’ll teach you how to secure state and county contracts

so you can start your way to 6-figure business owner faster (cheers to exiting the corporate rat race sooner)



You don’t want to waste time and money structuring your business the wrong way (you would not believe how much this simple mistake can cost you)


You’re not sure how to start the process … I mean what paperwork do I need to file, where do I get an EIN, what do I do to get biz credit
and funding?


The thought of digging through hundreds of
websites to find the right information makes
you want to shut down and not even bother


You’ve started your business but you’re not
sure if you structured it correctly and could use
a little reassurance – or steps to pivot before
it’s too late


You want a simple, straightforward process to take you from business name to funded venture – where all you have to do is


You don’t want to make this one more business
idea that sits on the shelf for another year until you see someone and think, “that should have been me!”


You’re excited to get started and you’re not
afraid of a little work upfront when you know
the payoff is gonna be significant


Only $297

Get immediate access to the complete course and lock in your early sign-up bonus mini course on securing state and county contracts.

I’m Devin

Certified Small Business Coach | Certified Business Credit Coach

Aka your biz bestie and small business consultant

Let me first fess up something.

My first business? Crashed and burned. To the ground.

No hopes of reviving.

But I learned quite a few lessons from that experience.

The next one? Still going and past 6-figures.

I realized that what I didn’t know was the same thing
tripping up lots of women and minority business
owners. And after working with numerous business
owners to fix the issues they encountered after
registering their LLC, or not knowing what to do, I knew
I had to provide something for my DIYers.

I packaged that info in a simple and easy to
understand course to cover all the steps of starting a
business. This is the course I wish I had when I started
my first business.

Stunning Devyn.png

Because I help entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs like you start successful businesses the right way. My step-by-step process will enable you to qualify for business funding and finally get your business off the ground legally.

And most importantly, I’m showing you how to do this without having to spend every dollar in your account to grow your business.


Exciting, right?

Get started so you can register your LLC the right way.

See you on the inside biz bestie?

Questions biz besties?

I’ve got answers

What makes this business course different?

You’ll learn the step-by-step process to start and structure a successful LLC. You’ll lay the foundation to quickly grow a 7-figure business. This is for my DIYers and minority business owners who want to know what their business consultants are (or should be) doing. I’m teaching you the things I do every day for my 1-on-1clients registering their businesses.

What if I’ve already registered my business? Can this still help?

Unless you used a small business development consultant to help you with the process, then yes. This course will ensure that you followed the correct processes in setting up your business. And you’ll know exactly what to do if you need to fix anything.

And what’s better than peace of mind knowing you’re set for growth?

I’m super busy. How much time do I need for this course?

It’s a self-paced course which means you can schedule watching the videos and
doing the work around your commitments.

What happens after I pay? When can I start?

You get immediate access to start watching the videos and putting together your paperwork. If you don’t see a purchase confirmation, please check that sneaky spam/junk folder. If it’s not there, send me an email at {insert email address} for assistance.

You deserve to set yourself up for success.

 To have the freedom, income, and life you’ve only dreamed of until now.

It’s time for:

Proven strategies and frameworks for structuring your LLC from foundation to profit.

Over-the-shoulder video tutorials so you know exactly what to dofor each step

Best practices for securing state and county contracts to increase your income

The necessary steps to secure all the right paperwork so you can secure the bag

The right approaches to building business credit so you don’t need to use personal funds to scale your business

Let’s do this!

Enroll in Start-Up Secrets: Mastering Business Structure and Strategy and get the ball rolling on your new business

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