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*Due to the nature of this product , there are no refunds

*This is not a live class, This is a replay of a previously recorded live class


Everything you'll need to leverage your business credit and build cashflow!! Jam Packed with hours of information 4 superstar masterclasses in one


Here's what you get:


ACCESS to the private facebook group:

Please note, your facebook invite will be sent via email within 24hours of purchase to the email address on file


Airbnb Replay

If you have ever wanted to learn the Ins and Outs of Airbnb Corporate Leasing and How to use Business Credit to fund the entire process, Then you NEED this exclusive MasterClass.


Join me for a LIVE replay as we walk through the entire process of starting your passive income Short Term Rental business without using your SSN:

In this LIVE  REPLAY class....You'll learn:


What corporate leasing is

How corporate leasing works

How to build business credit for your Airbnb

How to acquire your AIRBNB property (EIN ONLY)

How to furnish your AIRBNB in 48-72 hrs

Along with a listing of Corporate Leases


2 Day Business Mastermind:


Your Business Credit can move mountains when you know how to build it!!


Imagine getting approved for Business Credit that will enable you to hire staff, grow your business or start a business without using any of your own money this is when you truly PROSPER in your business

This 2 day business credit mastermind REPLAY is THE  program that will give you tangible steps and strategies to build your business credit and make a massive impact, while also diving deep into the mindset that will get you MOVING and raise your momentum into ACTION!


Some of the things covered

- Proper business setup

-How to build business credit

-Reading your business credit report

-How to get a business credit score FAST

-Amending Business Information

-Best Non PG Vendors 

-Best business credit loans

-Maintaining your Duns Profile

-Setting up your business to obtain vehicles


…Plus More


Secure The Vehicle:


Get A Car Without Using Your SSN Replay


If you have ever wondered how to get a Vehicle without using your SSN, this class is for you!!!


In this power-packed Class Replay, I will take you through the entire process that will allow you to walk out of that dealership with NO downpayment through your Business !! 


Yes, you heard that right - NO downpayment !! If you want to be part of my VIP audience where I reveal everything you need to know on how to get that dream car without using your SSN, then join me in the Vehicle Class Replay where I reveal the following:



Application Walk-Through

When you fill out an application for a car, you’ll want to put your best foot forward. In this class, you will learn the very best practices for car loan applications and approval. I will teach you what you need to know to avoid liability if things go awry!


 Establishing Business Credit

Did you know that over 70% of business owners have no idea what business credit is? Now, there’s honestly no shame in not knowing something. However, if you don’t educate yourself on the benefits of business credit and establish it for yourself, you’re missing out on exponential growth!


If you establish business credit, you’ll essentially use other people’s money to build generational wealth for yourself! You’ll never be hindered by a lack of funding ever again. Additionally, using your own money to back the business won’t cross your mind as an option.


I will teach you how to build business credibility step-by-step. After all, a credible business is worth investing in. I can show you exactly how to turn a few dollars into thousands which you can use to build or expand your business.


 Dealership Approach

There are specific dealerships eager to help you through this process. My mission is to put you in touch with the right outlets for you. I will help you find legitimate and helpful dealerships in your state and coach you on how to make the best impression. 

Whether you want to apply from the comfort of your own home or personally visit the dealership of your choice, it’s up to you. Either way, there are some tips and tricks to securing the deal, and I will share them all with you during the class!


 Access to the private facebook group

Sometimes concepts aren’t clear, and you may be left with many questions. That’s why I will give you the chance to pick my brain and ask me all of your burning questions. They can be related to acquiring a car as a business asset or about running a business in general!


Tap into my reservoir of knowledge and learn the secrets of building generational wealth. There is so much information that the elite rich just don’t want the average business owner to know. I believe that this knowledge should be shared, and we can all benefit from it together!



Leverage Your Biz Bundle

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$105.00Sale Price
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